Since our inception, Frank M&C has been focused on helping businesses implement systems for scale.

Our mission is to help entrepreneurial, small and medium-sized businesses become more focused, profitable and scale faster. We accelerate companies towards their organizational goals by offering training and done-for-you services in four key areas fundamental to achieving organizational velocity: Leadership & Management, Financial Performance, Operational Performance and Sales and Marketing.

Our engagements with each of our clients are unique, and we put together a plan that suits their needs at the time. In many instances this evolves to meet their needs. We can either handle a single area or can provide more comprehensive plan. In addition, we can either train you and your team or provide a done for you service. 



We sit work with both investors and founders to help clients and company owned businesses scale through improved use of technology, branding and sales systems, strategic partnerships, financial review, and capital raising strategy and investor documents.


We are actively searching for brands to buy.  We are the best second home for the business you built. Here are some typical scenarios where an acquisition would be a good fit:



  • Taken the company as far as they can

  • Not interesting in reinvesting for the next level of growth

  • Have a product but need a sales process and/or digital marketing boost or access to new distribution channels. 

  • Want to implement technology to streamline operations

  • Looking to free up time to move onto the next project



We have over 17 years building departments and companies with experience across finance, sales and marketing, and operational development, with experience ranging from startups to multi billion dollar asset managers. 



Want to find out the best business books, podcasts and more to grow your business or find funding? Check out our resources page. 


We plan, moderate, and speak at numerous event focused on helping founders launch and fund their businesses, with a focus on female founders. 



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